This information is provided by Filter the North Connex Stack (FINS) group. It is provided as a service and information to members of the Eastern Road Precinct.

The Stacks on

North Connex Tunnel

Did you know that the 9km NorthConnex tunnel emissions stack located across from the Western end of Burns Rd Wahroonga will NOT be filtered. Once operational, the pollution stack will emit dangerous emissions into the surrounding atmosphere including diesel emissions containing particulates.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified diesel emissions as a Group 1A carcinogen, the same class as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas.

Filter the North Connex Stack (FINS ) is a group of concerned residents and parents of children attending local schools who believe that in order to protect the health of the public it is vital that emissions in the tunnel and from the stack be filtered.


This is one of many tunnels being built in NSW without filtration so sets a precedence for the newer tunnels. Concentrated pollution coming out of unfiltered stacks is a danger to all of us particularly as more are built. Unfiltered long tunnels are also a danger to drivers. This affects us all.

Filtration is possible and recommended by the December 2018 NSW Parliament’s Legislative Council’s report at recommendation 13. 


Details include:

On  17 December 2018, the NSW Parliament’s Legislative Council’s Public Accountability Committee published its final report into The Impact of the WestConnex Project. This multi-party Committee, chaired by Rev Fred Nile, examined and heard from an extensive range of experts, stakeholders and community members.  Pertinently, for the NorthConnex stack, the report recommended in Recommendation 13 that “the NSW Government  install, on all current and future motorway tunnels, filtration systems in order to reduce the level of pollution emitted from ventilation stacks”.  

Documents and

what you can do

You can make a submission to the Department of Planning  in regard to a recent RMS request to modify the approved limits on the level of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) for the tunnel and stack by 400%. The submissions must be made before the COB 12th of September 2019.

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