No Aldi

Giant supermarket Aldi, have proposed a supermarket on the site currently occupied by Parkers nursery and the service station.

What have Aldi proposed

A Planning Proposal for the rezoning of 45-47 Tennyson Avenue and 105 Eastern Road, Turramurra has been submitted on behalf of Milestone Pty Ltd (Aldi ) with the view to develop a supermarket on the land. These sites are currently occupied by a nursery and a service station and are zoned residential.


The Planning Proposal seeks to amend the Ku-ring-gai Local Environment Plan 2015 (KLEP 2015) by:

Rezoning the sites from the current R2 Low Density Residential zone to B1 Neighbourhood Centre zone

Amending the Floor Space Ratio map

Lodging an exemption to the 1000sqm gross floor area requirement under Clause 6.9(2) of the KLEP 2015.


The amendments included in the Planning Proposal are intended to facilitate the development of an Aldi store through a future development application.




These images were on display at the Aldi meeting on Sept 7th. Click on the images for a larger view














Our position

This is a completely inappropriate location for a supermarlet of this size, scale and bulk and is completely out of line with the surrounding area.


The proposed location is zoned R2 Low Density Residential and Aldi effectively want to turn it into a Ku-ring-gai town centre. Not acceptable Aldi.


Reasons for opposing the proposal:

Inappropriate location for a supermarket of this size and scale

Totally against local councils plans and KLEP

Destroys the natural heirachy of town centres and neighbourhood centres

Surrounding infrastructure not able to cope

Increase in traffic

Risk to children - Local kindergarten, swim school and bus stops

Further exacerbation of existing parking issues

Impact to community feel and neighbourhood shops