Myths and Truths

During the onsite meeting there were a lot of stories being told. 

If Harris Farm isn't approved then a 5 story apartment block will be built instead


The land is zoned R2 for 2 story residential only. 4 story apartments are being built near the rail corridor at Turramurra station but these are confined to a few hundred metres from the station.

80% of customers will either walk for 10 mins or drive for 3 mins to Harris Farm

Harris Farm said 65% of customers will walk up to 10 minutes and 15% of customers will drive for up to 3 mins.

If that's the case why do they need so much parking?

This is based on data from their Bondi store - different location, different demographics and vastly different property density.

The local shopkeepers are supportive

We've spoken to 4 of the shop keepers and this is simply NOT true.

Other Harris Farm stores are in Neighbourhood Centres

Harris Farm said they have a number of other stores located in Neighbourhood Centre zones.

Only one store (Willoughby) out of 23 stores is located in a comparable local neighbourhood centre group of shops in terms of zoning, commercial hierarchy and road network. 

For more details about the Willoughby store click here

Customers parking illegally on the street will be refused entry to the store

This is stated in the Harris Farm proposal. Will a staff member be monitoring all cars and how they park?

All customers and delivery vehicles will enter/exit to and from Eastern Road.


Harris Farm state - Cars and delivery trucks will share the same entrance and exit to the underground car park - all off Eastern road ?

What about trucks to collect recycling and waste.  

Harris Farm state - delivery vehicles' unloading times will be determined in

conjunction with the local community


The only sensible solution would be delivery after hours - the neighbours will love that !