Harris Farm Issues - Talking points


Traffic, traffic, traffic - Nothing has been done about the increase in traffic.  For example, it is estimated that traffic generated to the site will increase by 400% weekday afternoons and 200% Saturday peak.

Simply saying it will be dealt with at DA stage is completely unacceptable - it is too late.

Impact to neighbours

Increase in noise and activity over an extended period due to potential 12 - 15 hour opening hrs - 7 days per week


The increase in traffic will cause additional safety issues.

Pedestrian safety would be severely compromised with two adjacent driveway crossings to Eastern Rd beside the local bus stop.

Bulk and Scale

Shops of this size belong in the Turramurra Town Centre not in a residential area. It will devalue the Turramurra Hub.

Impact on local shops

They are called local shops for a reason. Harris Farm will destroy our neighbourhood centre shops.

Zoning - Against the Ku-Ring-Gai Local Environment Plan (KLEP) 2015

The land is zoned low density R2 - residential. It is not zoned for a large supermarket 

Environmental Impact

The development would result in the removal and setback to a significant number of trees and could impact remnant Blue Gum High Forest trees on site. 


This motion was rushed through council without proper notification or consultation.

This is the chance for our Councillors to show courage and leadership - right a wrong and support the motion to withdraw support for the Harris Farm proposal.