The Harris Farm Planning Proposal

The Harris Farm Planning Proposal to rezone the Honeysuckle (former Parkers) and service station (GDR Automotive) sites to B1 Neighbourhood Centre Zone was considered and supported by Council at the 26 March 2019 Ordinary Meeting, and endorsed by the Ku-ring-gai Local Planning Panel at the 18 March 2019 KLPP meeting.

The Planning Proposal was supported as it achieves:

  • continual ongoing use of the sites as part of the Eastern Road neighbourhood centre;

  • recognition of the historic use of the site as a garden centre;

  • increase of local services to meet the surrounding communities retail and employment needs;

  • integration with the surrounding area’s urban design in terms of built form, maximum building height, mass and scale;

  • a sustainable increase in traffic on the local road network; and

  • respect to the Department of Planning & Environments’ commercial hierarchy and retail outcomes for neighbourhood centres.


The key differences between Harris Farm and ALDI include:

  • retention of the existing Floor Space Ratio (0.3:1) compatible with the existing R2 (Low Density Residential) zoning;

  • reduced maximum gross floor area by 60%, 1540 sqm as apposed to ALDI’s 3850 sqm;

  • reduced size of the supermarket by 50%, from 1955 sqm to 1000 sqm;

  • retention of the significant trees on site; and

  • significantly less impact on bulk, scale and function of the future development on the site.


The Planning Proposal is for the rezoning only.

  • It has been forward to the Department of Planning & Environment to begin the ‘Gateway’ process to obtain final approval by the Minister.


Next Steps:

  • The Planning Proposal will be placed on Public Exhibition for community consultation and comment. Notification will be given to the surrounding sites and an advertisement will be placed in the local newspaper (North Shore Times) and Council’s website.

  • The public will be given 28 days to provide comment.

  • A summary report of the comments received will be presented to Council for final amendments.

Identified outstanding issues include:

  • Pedestrian safety between the existing Eastern Road Shops and the Planning Proposal site;

  • Number of carparking provided;

  • Setbacks to significant trees;

  • Varying narrow road pavement on Tennyson Road, desirability of additional traffic and management measures; and

  • Impact on surrounding collector roads already at maximum capacity.


  • Access, circulation, safety, security, vegetation, urban design, traffic and transport will all be addressed by site specific development controls. These will be prepared by Council and placed on public exhibition alongside the rezoning Planning Proposal.

Council has recommended to proceed with the rezoning.

As many of you have seen, Councillors will have the final vote on the rezoning of the Harris Farm site on 30th June.
Due to COVID restrictions there is no opportunity for the public to attend the vote or the community consultation on the 23rd.

As expected, the Council has recommended for the rezoning to go ahead.


It is now up to the Councillors to vote - and we know how that has gone previously.

Even with the Harris Farm campaign, out of area advertising and submissions from people from other Harris Farm stores, there were still more submissions against the rezoning than for it.


Although the numbers on the surface are 56% against and 44% for, if you break out the numbers according to planning considerations, then the numbers are closer to  70% against / 30% for.
If it's broken down by area then it's closer to 80/20.

We have one last chance to have a say - this is it. It's all over after the vote on the 30th.

Click here to view the public exhibition documents

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