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Building size

Impact on local shops


More Cars


Environmental Impact

Development size

Other Harris Farm Stores


Harris Farm seek to change the zoning of the Honeysuckle and GRD Automotive Services sites from R2 Residential to B1 Neighbourhood Centre (just as Aldi did).


B1 Zoning is designed to provide retail shops, business, entertainment and community uses to serve the needs of the local community and not detract activity away from the higher order of a Local Centre, such as Turramurra Station.


.. but nevertheless, the Council and the NSW government rejected the ALDI proposal. The
reasons are listed in this website under "reasons why ALDI was rejected”

Building size

The Harris Farm proposal includes a main building, The Homestead 1,000 sqm and two smaller pavilions, The Conservatory and The Barn.


Based on the concept drawings, total building sizes and hard surfaces come to circa 2600 sqm.

Our estimate of the break out is

  • Homestead - 1000 sqm

  • The Conservatory - 230 sqm

  • The Barn 300 sqm

  • Above ground carparking - 600 sqm

  • Driveway and hard paved area - 250 sqm

  • Hard paved outdoor area - 250 sqm

For reference the floor space for the Aldi building was 1,955sqm.


The Kur-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (KLEP) 2015 allows a commercial development of up to 1,000sqm in a neighbourhood centre B1 zone on consideration of the economic impact.

Impact on local shops

Harris Farm arguably will have a more detrimental impact on the local shops.


Traffic, Traffic and Traffic - Nothing has been done about the traffic. Same problem as Aldi. 


Aldi made no assessment of the performance of the access driveway from Eastern Road, the resultant queuing and delays, or the affect on the local bus operations.


Harris Farm is also required to prepare a traffic study which would be made available to the public after submission to Council.

If cars are permitted to turn right into the proposed development from Eastern Rd (coming from the station) it will bank traffic up.

If cars aren't permitted to turn right into the proposed development from Eastern Rd (coming from the station) they will simply turn right into Alice st (and do a u turn in Alice St) causing the same traffic bank up and safety issues.

More Cars

Adding in extra car spaces is an acknowledgment that more cars will visit Harris Farm.

Parking, as with Aldi would be considered at the Development Application stage and would not be taken into consideration to permit rezoning of the sites.


The increase in traffic will cause additional safety issues.


Pedestrian safety would be severely compromised as with Aldi by two adjacent driveway crossings to Eastern Rd beside the local bus stop


People will drive down and park in the adjoining streets.There will still be the specific safety concerns as there were with Aldi relating to traffic and the location of the swim school and childcare centre in Tennyson right across the road from the proposed development.

Observing the Willoughby store there are issues with parking in adjoining streets.

Environmental Impact

Harris Farm are claiming their proposal is more compatible with the surroundings but it does not change the fact that they are not actually building a homestead or a barn despite the names they are giving the structures. 


What they are building are shops with a large scale circa 1000 sq metre Harris Farm and a total construction about equal to that proposed by Aldi with a car park facing Eastern Road. This is on a site which is mainly a nursery now, a largely green site with plants and trees, with a modest number of cars parked on site at any time

Planning to plant some orange trees on the site also does not change the commercial nature of the proposal, nor the scale. 


So yes, they propose keeping more of the trees but the proposal would have a permanent impact on the local environment for example:

  • A significant increase in traffic

  • A significant impact on the amenity of the area for local residents

  • A change in the character of the area towards being a commercial shopping hub

  • Likely removal of (some) significant trees to enable site remediation and construction

Development size

Like Aldi, a development of this size challenges the commercial hierarchy of the local neighbourhood centre at Eastern Road shops. It could detract activity away from the town centre, Turramurra Station.

Other Harris Farm Stores 
The shopping complex in Willoughby which contains the Harris Farm store has approximately 40 open car spaces behind the store. The car park was mostly full during the time observed and cars were parked along adjacent streets, and it was difficult to find a park

In the shopping complex alongside Harris Farm there is a butcher and a fish shop. There was also a cafe, a Porters, a pharmacy and a chicken shop in the same shopping block.

Across the road on the same side of High street there is another shopping complex with 10 assorted shops and food outlets


Directly opposite there is a church and a school.

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