Harris Farm DA lodged - Have your say NOW

In 2020, the site occupied by the Honeysuckle nursery and the petrol station was rezoned to B1 Neighbourhood centre. This will allow Harris Farm to construct a new retail centre on the site.

Harris Farm has now lodged the DA to go onto the rezoned site. The DA can be found at this link -  Harris Farm DA lodged

The documents related to the DA can be found at this link - Harris Farm DA documents


Whether you agree or disagree with the rezoning - this is the time to comment on the DA itself.


Types of thing to discuss include

  • Capacity and size

  • Traffic flow

  • Hours of operation (including deliveries)

  • Vehicular access points

  • Building setbacks

  • Built form ( height, materials, scale, bulk and mass)

  • Landscaping

  • Pedestrian access

  • Trees and local vegetation

  • Signage

  • Public Domain works (pathways, streetscape etc)

Comments need to be constructive and based on the planning controls for the site.


The DA application number is DA0424/21


Submissions close 3rd November 2021



Harris Farm have made changes to their original "concept" plans to respond to the development controls adopted by Council to support the planned future character of the site.

Section 14.K (page 257) under Part 14 - Urban Precincts and Sites(PDF, 96MB) of the Ku-ring-gai DCP has site-specific permissible building setbacks, built form, pedestrian and vehicular access points and public domain works information.


This is our last chance to make a difference on what will be a permanent and prominent development in our community




Click here to read the ERP community email sent on Saturday 18th July 2020

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Timeline of events 

June 2020 - Council staff recommend to proceed with the Harris Farm rezoning

March 2020 - Rezoning application on public exhibition

February 2020 - Council hold the only extraordinary meeting of this term to make sure the planning proposal can proceed at break neck speed. Wahroonga Councillor Donna Greenfield votes to proceed.

Tuesday 18th Feb 2020 - Councillors vote 5-5 to proceed with planning proposal but Wahroonga Councillor Cedric Spencer tries to stop it. Wahroonga Councillor Donna Greenfield votes to proceed and support the rezoning and Harris Farm.

Tuesday 12th Dec 2019 - 100+ people turn up to Council to present our case at the public forum.


Wednesday 13th Dec 2019 - After being with the Dept of Planning for approx 230 days with no action, a decision is made to allow the rezoning of the site the very next day after our forum, taking away the democratically elected councillors right to vote and represent the community.

Wednesday 13th Dec 2019 6:46pm - Council Director Andrew Watson notifies the Mayor and other Councillors of the decision

Wednesday 13th Dec 2019 7:19pm - Mayor Jennifer Anderson replies all to the email with one "word" LOL !!

Thursday 14th Dec 2019 - In emails back to the community, Mayor Anderson calls it a farce that the Planning Dept have approved the rezoning while a motion is pending. It was funny enough to write "LOL" on Wednesday night though.

Friday 15th Dec 2019 PM - Planning Minister Rob Stokes says his departments decision was inappropriate and that it is still for Council to decide whether the Harris planning proposal should proceed or not.

Tuesday 19th Dec 2019 - Councillors vote 5-5 to approve Harris Farm. 5 Councillors (Greenfield, Smith, Clarke, Szatow, Anderson) vote as a pre-agreed block with the Mayor Jennifer Anderson having the casting vote.

Wahroonga Ward Councillor Donna Greenfield voted against her ward, against the community and with Harris Farm.

She must be held accountable at the next election in September 2020

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